Learn to play “Can’t Stop the Feeling”  by Justin Timberlake. Music Hands created this short series breaking the song into bitesize chunks, making it even easier to recreate with a group of pupils. Each episode studies one part of the songs form. When you have completed the series you will be able to play the full arrangement and Garageband like a boss!


Preview the syllabus for Vol. 2 “Simple Arrangement”. Vol 2. is a 6 session project focused on composing using the music loops stored within Garageband. Explore diverse musical genres and concepts such as song-form with these super high quality pre-recorded samples.

Tips & Tricks: If your using Garageband on the iPad and want to know how to use all of its fantastic features, then visit Music Hands Youtube channel.  Our Platform is full of free tutorial and instructional videos. In this episode Mr.O demonstrates the key features of the Keyboard app.

Get involved with iPad music with this simple whole class activity. develop your critical skills, listen, evaluate and review one of the songs created by our talented young iPad musicians. We will feature your selected song and publish its review here in the iClass. 

Vol 1 is a beginner level iPad music curriculum focusing on simple and effective group activities. Each of the 6 lessons is comprised of 3-4 main activities + an additional activity for gifted and talented pupils. Over 24 distinct activities to recreate with your class.