iPad Projects

Fuse the power of a pro music studio and state of the art touch software, to create vogue contemporary grooves. A 32 piece digital orchestra running the latest iOs programs. Compose, arrange, perform all in the palm of your hand. Make music as an individual, ensemble or band.

iPad Music – Gold Project

Duration: 6 Sessions
Project: Ipad Music-Making.
Utilise iPads in your music curriculum with this short project designed as a beginners guide to creating music on the iPad. Explore, create and compose using intuitive touch software. Make music instantly using high quality Apple loops and samples. This project focuses on composing in various genres while exploring digital instruments and their tech features. Experience studio quality at your fingertips. Suitable for Key stage 1-3.


iBand Gold

iBand – Platinum Project

Duration: 12 sessions
Project: Ipad Music-Making & Ensemble.
Our best selling Gold Project extended to an entire term of music making. Go further and create your own iBand, an ensemble made up of only software instruments. Use your new found iPad skills to become a budding songwriter. Form an  iBand, construct melodies, craft rhythms, and create a final piece unique to your class. Suitable for Key stage 1-3 Book


iBand – Roadshow Assembly

Duration: 45min

Project: A whole school assembly. Gather all your pupils and teachers for a fun workshop that demonstrates ways in which iPads are being used to support, extend and enhance curricular music. Inspired by Annex 2 of the National Plan we demonstrate quality software instruments, discuss simple ways to use an iPad in your classroom, and  demonstrates the ease of composing and recording in Garageband. This workshop will inspire and inform both pupils and teachers leaving them encouraged to engage with the exciting world of music technology. Book

iBand Roadshow

iBand – iPad Orchestra

Duration: 4 hrs

A one day workshop in which pupils create a piece of music using software instruments. Create a class orchestra and compete in smaller iBands. This project focuses on original composition, instrumental improvisation and culminates in a final performance. Perfect as a class reward or end of term activity. Book

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