Vol 1 is a beginner level iPad music curriculum focusing on simple and effective group activities. Each of the 6 lessons is comprised of 3-4 main activities + an additional activity for gifted and talented pupils. Over 24 distinct activities to recreate with your class.


Watch our 5 part series and learn how to play "Can't Stop the Feeling" on the iPad using Garageband.

This video series has been designed to help teachers utilise iPads in the music classroom, although many of our pupils use these video resources for self directed study. We have a growing number of pupils who can Garageband like a boss! So teachers, tune in and develop your contemporary tech skills.


Did you know an entire annex of the National Plan for Music is dedicated to music technology?

Here at Music Hands we know that music apps are a great way to teach and learn about music. There are useful apps for theory, composition, production and almost everything in-between. 

October 2016

We have really enjoyed working with schools in South Tyneside this term.

Pupils have worked to create their own compositions, and at the end of study voted for their favourite song.

Here is a review of the top songs from term 1 2016, by our pupils for our pupils!

June 2016

When did you start writing, creating and composing music?

Music Hands launched in November 2014 thanks to an award we recived from Arts Council Engalnd. We are grateful to them for helping us promote music technology education among key stage 2 and 3 pupils. Pupils have given us some feedback. Please let me share with you our findings!