Blocs Wave Music App Review 2020

Blocs Wave music app is an arrangement tool and digital application that provides an excellent means to test and develop musical ideas. This free app includes 6 sound packs with 300 samples. It so easy to use pupils as young as 6&7 can make convincing music.

Samples can be arrange into 8 ‘blocks’ to create your own tune. Specifically, genres cover Hip Hop, Indie, Trap, Rock, Funk and House. You can also purchase supplementary sound packs to expand your audio library at any stage.

Furthermore, each sound will play in time and in pitch with all other sounds across all genres. Wow!

For this reason, arrangements sound polished and professional. You’ve probably been there when a student combines sounds from different tonal keys and can’t tell why its sounds wrong. You’ll never have this issue with Block Wave.

Discover Tab

Discover Tab features 6 hexagon-shaped grids comprised of six song elements – drums, bass, percussion, vocal, melodic and FX. Moreover, if you want to construct an instant arrangement an auto select section is built in. You can replace a sound simply by tapping on the coloured hexagon, and conveniently mute and unmute tracks by swiping up and down.

Image of Blocs Wave home page showing the startup menu interface.
Discover Tab

Wave Editor

In addition, Wave Editor allows you to alter samples in a more detailed manner and personalise your composition. You have the ability to shorten sounds, increase or decrease the volume and adjust pitch and tempo.

Importantly, Blocks Wave gives you the capacity to make something that you can truly call your own, the wave editor is an asset to the app. Everything you edit will easily fit in with what you’ve already arranged and composed. You also have the capability to import your own audio and export what you come up with, this is an excellent feature that many apps are missing.

Image of Blocs Wave, Wave Editor in action, on iPhone
Wave Editor

Lastly, to summarise, here’s why we love Blocks Wave, you can:

  • arrange/compose music on iPad and iPhone on the go
  • combine 8 sounds, derived from 6 sound packs containing 300 samples
  • purchase more sound packs and extra features in app
  • make use of intuitive touch technology
  • real-time tempo and pitch change
  • low-latency recording
  • import and export audio via Mail, Audiocopy and Audioshare

If you’re new to this and want convinced that iPad music is an important new tool in music education, click to read more here about the importance of iPad music.