GarageBand iOS – 6 x Songwriting & Production Tips

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GarageBand iOS (on your iPhone or iPad) is a great tool to improve your songwriting skills. However it’s very easy to get that ‘made in GarageBand’ sound. No offence Apple!

I’ve delivered countless lessons and have heard thousands of GarageBand tracks. Here’s what I’ve learnt about making a great sounding song inside GarageBand iOS

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iPad Music Production – Will it ever take off?

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I remember clearly the first time I tried a music app on the iPad. It was 2013 and visiting the apple store was still a novelty.

A large room filled with shiny tech, that was free to play with. I booted up the iPad (3rd generation) and launched GarageBand iOS.

We’re nearly a decade on since my original epiphany. Those that incorporate apps into their music provision are still ahead of the curve.

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Loopy Music iBook ( “Self Directed Study” )

iPad music teaching resources- lesson plans and curriculums

Distance Learning Resource

Many teachers and educators are over worked and under paid. Nevertheless most are hungry to make a difference in students’ lives, yet find themselves pressed for time and energy.

With this in mind Loopy Music provides an innovative and unique learning experience. In fact this resource is fully planned and delivers the lesson, leaving time and energy for teachers to inspire learning, motivate creativity and enjoy student growth.

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How to: Share music from GarageBand (iPad)

Ok, you’ve been inspired by Music Hands and have created a lesson plan after reading our blog post “iPads in the Music Classroom”.

You may have even used our recent article “iPad Music- Lesson Objectives” in your planning.

Your lesson was a great success, your students composed an amazing piece of music on the iPad in GarageBand and they are eager to share their creation with others. The trouble is you’re not sure how to share or export their work. Ready, steady, read on.

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Free Resource: iBand lesson

Music Hands iBand

What is an iBand?

iBand is the very cool name given to an iPad music ensemble. A software instrument ensemble played exclusively on the iPad. Keep reading, because in this post we will show you how to create your very own iBand!

Take a moment to search this term on Youtube. You will find a range of different bands, lessons and groups, playing cover songs or original music.

As an educator there’s something to learn from each video. We have a range of iBand performances available to view on our Youtube channel

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