iPad Orchestra – Teachers Resource – Vol 1. Syllabus

Create your own iPad Orchestra and engage with the music technology revolution. Recreate our fun and simple activities to make a memorable lesson for your pupils!  Vol 1. is a resources that makes use of Garageband for iOS. Engaging education with a creative touch.

Lesson 1 – String Ensemble

Make quality music from the beginning. This session focuses on creating a soundscape with a string ensemble. The class will recreate the sound of a cinematic orchestra. Pupils will utilise different timbres of the string family, create chord progressions and alter instrument voicings to form a dynamic soundscape. The music will sound beautiful if we work together, playing in time as a team.

Lesson 2 – Musical Spaces

Lets use scales to create music that is diatonic. Music that sounds good with no pitch mistakes. Pupils explore the versatility of the keyboard, its registers and pitches along with its musical features such as sustain and octave. We use space inbetween notes to create an original soundscape. Follow the conductor as you create mood and thematic music.

Lesson 3 – iPad Orchestra

Multiple software instruments converge to create the fullness of an orchestra. Explore timbre and instrument types through the lens of chordal harmony. Lets create an arrangement unique to our group, follow your conductor, change dynamics, speed and direction. Mix silence with music and static harmony with change.

Lesson 4 – Groove & Time

A focus on playing in the groove. Counting the beats and staying in time, gives us the ability to recreate the feel of pop music. Lets explore some contemporary instruments and play them together as a band. Songwriting using chord types and a strong pulse will create us a unique and musical sound. Can you compose your own groove as a small group with your new found musical skills.

Lesson 5 – iPad Orchestra

We can play in time, and use simple chord progression to perform an arrangement. Lets combine these abilities with an accompanying backing track to create a fuller sounding piece. We can use the autoplay features in garageband to create an amazing sounding piece, full of rhythmic variation and different instrument timbres. Lest use this accompaniment to support our rhythm section in preparation for our soloists.

Lesson 6 – iBand

We have the power and ability to create a great song. Lets make it memorable by adding a distinct melody or playing a screaming solo and take the lead over the songs form. Explore scales, and work as a band to compose and arrange a song rich in rhythm, instrumentation, harmony and melody.