GarageBand Songwriting [Free Online Course )

Free iPad music lessons!

Interested in creating music using your iPhone or iPad? With this ‘FREE’ resource you can now learn how to use your mobile tech to create cool and authentic original music.

Since 2014 Music Hands have delivered hundreds of iPad music workshops throughout Northumberland, South Shields, Gateshead and Newcastle, directly tutoring thousands of students. We’ve used our expertise to create a beginners guide to making music using GarageBand on the iPad. As a way to show our support to schools and music educators we’ve released this E-learning resource for free!

GarageBand iOs gives you the power of a micro recording studio and a suite of software instruments.

This resource is designed as a beginners guide to making music using GarageBand. We’ll teach you how to use the program as well as creative songwriting techniques. By the 6th session you will comfortable and confident  creating music inside GarageBand.

Simply log in, choose your lesson and pause the video guide as you go Learn to compose quality original music using GarageBand iOs.

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Garageband Songwriting Vol 1. Empowering teachers and students in the  creative process.

GarageBand Songwriting Vol 1. includes;

  • Lesson Syllabus
  • 6  x Video Lessons
  • 6 x Lesson Guides
  • 12 + Lesson Activities

This guide is a perfect beginners guide to making music using GarageBand. Effortlessly navigate GarageBand’s various pages, icons and core mechanics.

Make recordings, program instruments and use GarageBand’s special features such as arpeggiation and chord tiles. Learn to quickly mix your instruments and arrange the structure of your composition. Apply FX and use the Scale feature to sound like a musical genius.

6 lessons comprised of multiple activities, in which your students will develop a wide range of musical and technical skill.

Created with teachers in mind, simply log in and use this E-learning tool as an in-house specialist.

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