iClass: Song Reviews ( Top of the Charts)

October 2016


We have really enjoyed working with schools in South Tyneside this term.

Pupils have worked to create their own compositions, and at the end of study voted for their favourite song.

Here is a review of the top songs from term 1 2016, by our pupils for our pupils!

Track: Lola G Whitburn Primary

Review by: Year 5 Whitburn Primary

“The song created by Lola was our favourite. The track is in a hip-hop style, its not lazy but fresh.  It makes us want to dance our socks off. When we hear the song it feels like we are at a party. We all chanted Lola G, Lola G when the track was played. Its the type of song we imagine could be on the radio, we expect her to be famous one day. Her track makes great use of drum beats and electronic instruments. Its uptempo and the breakbeat that drops near the end makes the tune explode with a heavy groove! What an awesome song, amazing from start to finish!”


Track: Holly East Boldon Junior

Review by Class 1Year 5 East Boldon Junior Primary

“We voted for Holly’s track because it has a great rhythm and strong beat. The composition is very musical, with a jazzy funky feel. Holly used a good combination of sounds from different genres. The song has a nice melody and could even be used on Strictly Come Dancing.”


Track: Eva East Boldon Junior

Review by Class 2: Year 5 East Boldon Junior Primary 

“We voted for Eva’s track to win. She created a very musical composition with a great musical structure. It takes you on a journey as each instruments layers in. Eva used vocal samples really creatively. We found ourselves all singing along to the songs nice blend of melody and rhythm. We particularly liked the hip-hop style beat that she programmed using the Autodrum in Garageband. What a great blend of instruments, upbeat and very catchy!”


Track:  Abbie Keelmansway

Review by Sarah’s Class: Keelmansway School

“We really like how happy Abbie’s song is. It rhythm has an upbeat feel that makes you feel good. Our favourite part of the track is Abbie’s piano melody, she played it using the virtual keyboard. What great keyboard skills. The song is relaxing with a cool vibe. We also love the saxophone melody that plays throughout, a strong arrangement with pleasing structure. Well done Abbie.”


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