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iPad Music Hub

This space is for you, if you want to use the iPad as a music tool. In other words, whenever you jump online and search iPad Music, we hope that our iClass will provide what you need.

iClass, how should I use it? I hear you say!


This blog is split into four sections.

iClass – Posts aimed at teachers and dedicated to iPad music . An ongoing discussion of apps, lessons, resources and other iPad music topics.

Whenever you visit Music Hands online and find something of interest, contact us. We like to hear from our readers.

News: Information about our services, workshops, and latest updates. Plus links to other sites and ongoing projects!

In addition we will regularly share our latest social media posts from Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.

Free Resources – iPad music aid for teachers, educators and students. E.g GarageBand Tips & Tricks. Content from Music Hands and the best free resources we find.

How to Play – Video Guides, tutorials and instructional videos from across the internet.


As a result of the large number of articles online discussing the best apps for teachers, as well as many detailed reviews and opinion pieces, we decided the focus of iClass is, “the implementation of iPad music in education.”

iClass, an online hub for iPad Music, continued professional development.

In the light of this aim, some articles featured will provide general information, in contrast others will be detailed and thus important for those interested in learning and developing new skills.

If you have any queries or simply want more information regarding CPD contact us via info@musichands.co.uk

Finally, it’s time to start your CPD journey. If you’re interested in Music Apps, news and reviews we recommend visiting Tim Webb’s well established www.discchord.com.

Music Apps, News and Reviews

iPad music directory

In all honesty this site is aimed at tech minded individuals, especially synth and DAW fans. However Discchord pools a wide database of knowledge from across the web into one location. Considering this, you’re likely to find a post on your topic of choice.

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