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We’ve improved our resources making them easier to use in class and even easier to share amongst your team.

This platform has been designed to make your engagement with iPad music easy and efficient. Multiple teachers or teams from your institution can access our unique iPad music tuition resources via our Academy.

Simply complete the subscription form and purchase academy access. You can then create accounts to access our material for as many members of your team as you need. A username and login will be sent to each member of staff granting them access to Music Hands Academy.

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Our latest iPad music teachers resource iClassical Vol 1. is now available to Academy users.

This resource brings a virtual Music Hands specialist into your classroom. Simply logon and take control of the pace of learning by playing and pausing our virtual tutor.  

The Academy lesson dashboard is home to everything a teacher needs to deliver an engaging iPad music lesson, including the video modules, charts, lesson plans, objectives and student guides.

iClassical Vol 1 is the first in a series of courses exploring Classical music. Students learn to read and play Movement No.1 a piece designed specifically for the iPad.

The course contains 6 lessons comprised of 18 different activities. Explore the inter- related dimensions of music such as pitch, dynamics, texture and structure as you learn to play software instruments with accuracy, control and expression. Learn to sight read notation and tablature as you work towards your final performance.

Simply register with the Academy and share our unique iPad music resources with your staff.

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