News: iPad Music Performance – Garageband vs Samba Band

iPad Music – In this video Music Hands showcase a unique fusion of software instruments and Samba percussion. This is the first known iPad vs Samba band in human history! Can music education get more contemporary than this?

Drum Young are a youth percussion ensemble based in the North of England. They featured as headliners at Bents Park Festival 2016/17, playing a fusion of traditional samba and contemporary groove. Lead by Derek Bird they provide a strong pulse and vibrant accompaniment for the Music Hands iPad orchestra.

“This was a lot of fun and totally new. Our students created a seriously phat live hiphop track”.

Our aim is to continue to inspire pupils, teachers and the educators through our contemporary iBand. Music Hands currently provide workshops across the North East of England with a regular Saturday centre supported by South Tyneside Music Service.

Visit our workshops page for more info.

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