iClass: iPads in the Music Classroom

iPad music is a growing field of study within the UK school system.  Classroom teachers are incorporating iPad music lessons as part of curricular music provision. Will quality iPad music resources soon be in high demand? We’ve created one such resource for those interested in iPad music making!

iPad music - Uk National Plan

The National Plan for Music (2011)

highlighted the need to integrate new music technologies into the classroom. Many including ourselves at Music Hands recognise that the quality and quantity of iOS apps give educators a vast toolbox to develop new lessons and teaching methods limited only by imagination. We are proud to have created three iPad music and four iBand projects specifically for Key Stage 1-4 students that are tailored to the UK National Plan for Music.

To date we have delivered iPad music workshops to over 30 schools across Tyne & Wear, tutoring 800 students and reaching 2400 through our Music Technology Roadshow. It’s exciting to be part of this growing field and to see other startups and tutors making use of this powerful new tool.

We have worked in music education for over a decade and know how important it is to have access to new ideas, resources, and lesson materials. Therefore we aim to turn our repertoire of iPad music projects into an online resources.

All the existing iPad music resources we have discovered focus on songwriting. To bring something new to the market we decided to release a curriculum designed around “live play”.            

This is a unique iPad music resource in comparison to what currently exists. Many specialists are making use of Apple’s flagship software Garageband; we are more than happy to jump on this bandwagon. Garageband for iPad is an excellent piece of sofware with an impressive range of instruments, making it a valuable addition to the modern music class.”

Tell us more about this unique music resource I hear you say”

Vol. 1 focuses exclusively on using the iPad as an instrument, or more specifically as a huge range of instruments. Essentially, the aim is to create your very own digital orchestra, an ensemble of iPad software instruments. We have the added luxury of mini speakers for each iPad, which takes the music making to another level, though the onboard speakers are sufficient to create your first iPad orchestra. Fill your classroom with melody and rhythm, explore a vast range of software instruments and music making techniques. Vol. 1 features 24 + iPad music activities and methods to create orchestral and cinematic music. Exercises that are simple to remember and easy to recreate, yet highly musical and engaging for students. If you’ve experienced classroom percussion, recorder, ukulele, singing etc and are interested in something new Vol. 1 may be just what you’re looking for. A modern approach to music education, featuring 6 progressive lessons.  Adaptable for Key Stage 1-4.

Here is a short clip of an activity from Vol. 1 Lesson 1 in the classroom setting. Key Stage 2 iPad Orchestra


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