iPad Orchestra-Vol. 1

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Vol 1. iPad Orchestra focuses on simple and effective group music making activities with GarageBand for iPad. Learn how to create an iPad band using software instruments.

Over 24 distinct iPad musical exercises showing you how to use the iPad as a musical instrument. Tailored to support the good teaching of music as envisioned in the UK National Plan for Music.

We’ve delivered hundreds of engaging iPad music lessons and have chosen activities that teachers and students love. Read some of our Testimonials to hear what they think!

Use this course as part of your professional development. Improve your ability and confidence and learn to use the iPad as part of your Music/ICT delivery.

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Interested in group music making on the iPad but not sure where to start?

Vol 1. iPad Orchestra is jam packed with tried and tested activities using GarageBand’s amazing software instruments.

Learn effective group exercises and create your own digital orchestra.

iPad Orchestra is a modern approach to music education featuring 6 activity filled lessons that are easy to recreate or adapt to suit your group.

No more glockenspiels, drums or recorders! Use digital instruments to form an orchestra and create dynamic musical soundscapes.

24+ iPad music activities that develop musicianship, rhythm, time and a strong sense of musicality.

Tailored for the UK National Plan for Music. Preview the course syllabus and lesson plan.

Purchase iPad Orchestra now and boost your ability to deliver cutting edge music lessons!

Vol 1. Download Includes

  • 6 Video Lessons
  • 6 lesson plans
  • 24 + Activities
  • Course Syllabus

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2 reviews for iPad Orchestra-Vol. 1

  1. arufouz

    Perfect for introducing students to GarageBand. Very well explained, step by step instructions; syllabus and activity notes also available. At the same time gives you enough room to modify or add your own activities.

  2. Thomas Williamson

    Excellent resource. Especially valued lesson 3-6. The activities worked really well with year 6. I’d recommended if your thinking about creating an iBand or looking for new ideas for you iPad group.

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