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Music Hands iBand

What is an iBand?

iBand is the very cool name given to an iPad music ensemble. A software instrument ensemble played exclusively on the iPad. Keep reading, because in this post we will show you how to create your very own iBand!

Take a moment to search this term on Youtube, you will find a range of different bands, lessons and groups, playing cover songs or original music.

As an educator there’s something to learn from each video. We have a range of iBand performances available to view our Youtube channel

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iClass: iPad Music – Hub

Links to useful iPad music related content Jan 2019

iPad Music Hub

This space is for you, if you want to use the iPad as a music tool. In other words, whenever you jump online and search iPad Music, we hope that our iClass will provide what you need.

iClass, how should I use it? I hear you say!

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