iPad Music. Are you keeping up with modern music education?

Ever thought of using iPads as part of your music education delivery? Not sure about the benefits of iPad music ? Will it really be genuine music making? What are the best apps to use?

We’ve answered these questions in this blog article to settle all your doubts concerning iPads in the Music Classroom.

The benefits of using iPads in the music classroom

1. Ear Training

iPad Music Education

Being a good musician is all about having a good ear. As trained musicians, educators, performing artists, and composers, we at Music Hands understand the importance of Ear Training in Music.

The iPad is a powerful tool to develop aural skills. It’s size and mobility makes it easier to carry around than most laptops or musical instruments.

The iPad has a vast range of apps, with extensive musical libraries, samples and loops, all at your fingertips.

Two apps we recommend for ear training are Garageband and Auxy.


In particular GarageBand provides the ability to isolate different scales, which can be useful in developing aural memory. Students of every age can engage with its high quality built-in software instruments.

For example try learning to sing the major scale using the Solfa letters above.


Auxy gives you the ability to write and visualise harmony. Students can easily understand the concept of intervals when creating melodies, chords and harmonic patterns.

2. Develop Timing Skills

Good timing is a key factor in becoming an accomplished musician. We promote the use of iPads in the music classroom because of the huge range of excellent drum software available in the app store.

Most top music production apps have a built in drum pad for creating personalised drum beats. One such app is DM1 Drum Machine.

The beauty of the iPad is that anyone at any age and at any level of learning can elevate their musical knowledge and skills with intuitive touch technology.

Easily play along with the installed metronome, change the tempo or time signature and practise your timing, all while having fun.

3. Create Real Musical Experiences in the Classroom

The reason I got into music was the meaningful musical experiences I had when I was young. There’s nothing on earth like playing good music with friends.

Our iPad lessons are centered around composition and live play, as a result, students can create, listen to and share their musical creations.

It’s amazing to watch young minds come to life and huge smiles widen as students feel a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction, listening back to an original piece of music they’ve just created.

4. Best Apps to Use

Follow the link provided for our top recommended apps, directed towards using iPads in the classroom: https://musichands.co.uk/5-best-music-production-apps-on-ios-2019/

5. Increase Concentration

Finally, maintaining concentration and attention the modern classroom is sometimes difficult.

We’ve found that incorporating iPads into music lessons creates laser like concentration.

Noticeable areas of improvement in learning are visual, aural, logical and intra-personal skills!

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