8 Years of music workshop provided across the North East. Curricular lessons, after school sessions, holiday clubs and more. Are you based in Tyne and Wear? Join our friends in Music Hands world music workshops.

African 1 (1)

African Drumming

Duration: 12 weeks

Project: African Music
Rhythm is easy to pick up but hard to master. African drumming helps us to develop individuality as musicians, promoting confidence. A very communicative style that develops musical personality and style. This course focuses on developing rhythmic skill and a greater awareness of the music of other cultures. Pupils develop a keen sense of time, polyphonic rhythm and explore musical structure. An intuitive way to learn technical rhythms. Year 2 + Book


samba 1 (1)

Brazilian Drumming

Duration: 12 weeks
Project: Brazilian Drumming

Samba is fun, loud and rewarding. It teaches us team skills, enabling us to work in small and larger groups. Experience a wide range of instruments and Brazilian rhythms. This course is ideal for those that wish to further developing existing rhythmic skill. Learn an authentic Batucada and transition through its many phrases. Pupils learn to play the bass drum, bells and much more. Experience the cultural music of Brazil first hand. year 4 + Book

AJTS (1)

A journey Through Sound

Duration: 12 weeks
Project: A journey Through Sound
Using the BBC 10 pieces project, we journey through instrument families, genres and musical concepts, building a foundational understanding of music in both the intellectual and practical sense. This course ensures pupils have a strong grasp of musical terms and their meanings, while being able to demonstrate improved musical skill and ability on various percussive instruments. Nursery + Book


Hip Hop 1 (1)


Duration: 6 weeks
Project: Hip-hop Music
Explore rhyme, compose beats, write raps and record tracks. Hip-hop challenges pupils to write in rhyme, sing in time and arrange their own compositions. This course promotes confidence, boosts literacy skills and teaches classic music principles through a contemporary genre. Years 5+ Book


Body Percussion

Duration: 6 weeks
Project: Body Percussion
No instruments are needed as we develop core musical skills and co-ordination through body movements. Compose and arrange your own body percussion song. Utilise apps to record and layer sounds, arrange rhythm cards to compose and develop structure. Pupils have fun experimenting with timbre arrangements, while developing the kinaesthetic intelligence that makes playing an instrument easier. Year 2+ Book

Boom Whackers 1 (1)

Boom Whackers

Duration: 6 weeks
Project: Boom Whackers
These are easy to play, sound great in large groups and provide pupils with the ability to design simple or complex musical structures. Boom Whackers are an excellent percussive instrument type to learn about harmony. Pupils play familiar tunes, compose in groups, and accompany other instruments. This course develops a keen understanding of many of the concepts detailed in the National Plan. Year 2+ Book

Music Literacy (1)

Music Literacy

Duration: 6 weeks
Project: Music Literacy
Pupils develop the ability to understand the language of music. They gain the ability to talk intelligibly about music. Identify musical symbols, write and transcribe musical notation. Music theory made easy using software apps and games. Years 5+ Book