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Technology is more relevant in music education now than ever.  Integrate the power of a pro music studio and state of the art touch software into your music sessions, with our iPad music resources, tutorials, video guides, and workshops!

A 32 piece digital orchestra running the latest iOs programs. Compose, arrange, perform all in the palm of your hand. Make music as an individual, ensemble or band.


With a Whole Annex of the National Plan for Music devoted to Music Technology its time to sharpen your skills at the cutting edge of music creation.



If you are lucky enough to be based in the North East of England you can book a workshop for staff or pupils and experience music tuition delivered by our specialists!


Want to incorporate iOS apps in music education. Visit our Shop for video resources, lesson plans, tips&tricks, or the iClass for beginners lessons. Music Hands will help you discover touch software, musical creation!


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