5 Best Music Production Apps on iOS “2019”

Outstanding music software we’ve tried and tested with students in UK Classrooms. Here is a list of the Best iOS Apps for Teaching Music.

1. Garageband

Garageband tops our list as the best iOS app for teaching music because of it’s usability, affordability, and solid sound library. It’s an excellent tool to develop compositional skills, record music and learn digital touch instruments. With the added feature of Live Loops, it enables anyone to sound like a DJ or pro musician with ease. If you are an educator visit our shop featuring excellent resources that make teaching iPad music effortless.

FREE – Download GarageBand

2. Launchpad

Loaded with 8 free soundpacks, Launchpad enables you to make professional sounding music instantly. Geared towards composition, performance and remixing, it’s easy to get lost in it’s high grade sound collection. Like Garageband, Launchpad offers a user-friendly interface that’s neat and responsive. One of the best learning apps for kids, from early years music right up to adult tuition.

FREE – Download LaunchPad

3. Auxy

Coming in at number three is Auxy, with it’s unique and simple approach to music creation. It stands out from the pack, due to the control it gives the user to develop new musical ideas. We’ve found it to be a helpful means in enhancing musical understanding, such as melody and harmony writing.

FREE “Limited” – Download Auxy

4. Figure

With a wide range of sounds and a great built-in FX unit, Figure makes it easy to create great music instantly. Children are able to engage with the app from the get go, yet there’s something deeper included for adults: powerful electronic music making, accesible to all.

FREE – Download Figure

5. DM1

Last but not least is DM1 Drum Machine, with it’s simple user interface and stunning feature set. Professional grade software that’s fun to use. It includes all of the educational facilites we’ve become familiar with, among top range apps for creating music. Most importantly, it’s Step Sequencer, Song Composer, Mixer and FX Trackpads. The only paid app of the 5, but great value for money!

£4.99 – Download Dm1

What do you think the best iOS apps for teaching music are?

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