News: iPad Music – iOS Composition Competition

Music Hands are pleased to announce the winner of our latest iPad music composition competition!

Sabaean from Discovery School Newcastle achieved the number 1 slot with “8 Likes, 2,257 listens & 2 comments! A massive congratulations from us! Music Hands led a 2 day project at Discovery School Newcastle, tutoring across the entire school. Year 8-11 students had 1 hour to learn an App and compose a song, which we then published online. The top songs competed against one another in a classic Top of the Pops fashion. The song with the highest number of likes and listens was easy to track using Soundcloud’s online data management.

We were pleased to award a £25 voucher to Sabaean in person.

Watching the data trends change over a 7 day period created an exciting competition. Creating music is only one aspect of the music industry, getting your creation to people’s ears is hugely important. Entrepreneurship is key.  It was a great encouragement for Music Hands iBand to see a school such as Discovery School, that specializes in STEM, making use of iPad music technology in the classroom setting, better still across all of Key stage 3 and 4 .

Notable mention to our amazing runner-up. Amiee Hall  “1,597 listens”

Listens to Sabaean’s winning song here . Listen to Amy’s track here: