Loopy Music iBook ( “Self Directed Study” )

Distance Learning Resource

Many teachers and educators are over worked and under paid. Nevertheless most are hungry to make a difference in students’ lives, yet find themselves pressed for time and energy.

With this in mind Loopy Music provides an innovative and unique learning experience. In fact this resource is fully planned and delivers the lesson, leaving time and energy for teachers to inspire learning, motivate creativity and enjoy student growth.

Available on the iBook store worldwide from 19th May 2021.

Loopy Music is tailor made for iPad music creation and uses arguably the most iconic app available today, GarageBand.

Module 1 comes complete with detailed learning objectives, scheme of work, lesson specific success criteria and personalised assessments.

This iBook works seamlessly on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Simply download to a student device or connect to a smart board to work with a larger group.

Designed as a self-directed study resource, Module 1 can be used in the classroom or as a tool for remote learning.

The six lessons in ‘Module 1’ contain three main activities, each of which is accompanied by a video guide to help students complete tasks.

An additional activity has also been included for students working at an advanced level.

To create a broad and engaging learning experience, we have also included, ‘Points of Knowledge’, in the form of motion graphic videos. These provide valuable insights into various musical topics!

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Our Director Mr O. has worked hard sharing his skills so that teachers can focus on what they do best.

“I’m proud to add this new iPad music resource to Music Hands growing catalogue of educational resources. Its taken a lot of time and effort and I hope that it empowers teachers and students in their creative process.”

Loopy Music – Module 1 iBook

Learning objectives are provided at the start of each lesson, along side their related success criteria. These specified criteria help learners better understand their level of work.

Moreover five assessment tasks can be found at the end of each lesson, encouraging students to test their new knowledge.

At the present time our resources are used by educators all across the world. We’re proud to add this interactive iBook to our catalogue of resources.

In conclusion, loopy Music provides both teaching and planning, so educators can enjoy inspiring learners and motivating creativity!

Aim of module 1 – Loopy Music

Students will:

  • Gain fluency in navigating and arranging music using GarageBand Live- Loops.
  • Experiment with Live-Loops musical and technical features to mix, remix, edit, arrange and compose across a range of musical styles.
  • Develop aural perception skills and the ability to recognise and discuss various musical and technical processes.
  • Improve critical listening and musical analysis.

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